#1 Ultimate Guide to make money with Google adsense

How to make money with Google ad sense

I'm going to show you what I personally do to make over a hundred dollars a day with Google ad sense.

Let's start out.

What Is Google Adsense

As by name google. It is a advertising channel of google which they google adsense.

Advertisers bids for ads on google adwords, where as publisher like us and probably like you serves ads to the visiters and its google and publisher both earn commission.

It’s a win win situation.

How to earn money from google adsense

People search their Query on Google like you. They find it by searching for different key phrases. For example, they might type in a search queries such as covid-19 latest updates. And many website comes up at the top of the Google search results. And if they click one of them like this,

Google search results

They will land onto a website. You can see that there are these so-called sponsored links on website. So this ad here, this ad on the right hand side.

Ads on website

And if anyone clicks on any of these ads, they make a certain amount of money. It can be a few cents. It can be a few dollars. It all depends on how much traffic that they get to this. As you can see, people just typing various search terms into Google. They find more websites. They land onto my website. They click on the ads that they see on the website and they make money.

So this is how Google adsense actually works.

Income on Google Adsense is depends on various factors like:


CPC = Cost per click

How many people actually click on your link or visit your website


CTR = CTR stands for click-through rate.

It is the Ratio between the number of advertisement clicks and the number of individual advertisement impressions. Generally, CTR= Total Number of clicks/ Advertisement impressions x 100


CPM = Cost per impression.

It’s similar to CPC, sometimes advertisers choose CPM instead of CPC. In this, they pay their ads to appear or any blog or website.

how much can you make with google adsense

And now let's talk about how much you can make in general.

Earnings with Google ad sense can be anywhere from quite low amounts per visit. It all the way up to four cents per visitor, I guess around forty dollars per 1000 visitors

But as a rough idea, I can tell you that it's possible to make up to four cents per visitor onto your websites and up to approximately three cents per view in videos.

How make one 100$/per a day on Google Adsense

So to make one hundred dollars a day, you may need anywhere from about 2500 visitors to websites per day, all the way up to about maybe 10000 visitors a day, maybe a little bit more, depending on your niche, 

because different niches pay different amounts of money for the ads shown on your website.

If you are thinking that 2500 or 10000 visitors a day is a huge number, 

Don't worry, it's not actually that hard to get 5000 visitors or 10000 visitors a day to your websites. 

I am doing this already with my niche blogs and there is no reason why you also can't achieve that. If you put in a little bit of effort.

Here are the steps to earn from adsense 100/day


Choose A Profitable Niche For Ad Sense Websites

Having a correct profitable niche can make a difference between making a lot of money with Google ad sense or making almost no money with Google absence.

You can use Google Keywood planning tool.

google keyword planner tool

Don’t worry having this account is completely free. You don't need to buy anything. 

A tool will allow you to get some useful information regarding how much advertisers are willing to pay for placing ads on your website.

So what do we do? We need to find some middle ground. We need to find some good niche for our website and for our content that has good potential, 

big potential payout per click and also is reasonably simple to rank for in order to find some ideas for your niches that have a good payout and also don't have too much competition and try to identify a niche that potentially interests you and also a good profitable niche

So the criteria for a great niche to make money with Google ad sense is that you want to have a top bid of two dollars or hire for keywords in Google keyword plan.

 And you also want to find at least some websites that have over 50 article ideas that have green difficulty, according to Uber suggest that will give you lots of different ideas for various articles to write about on your website so that you can start getting free traffic from Google onto your website 

People can start clicking your ads and you can start making this money with Google ad sense from all of these free traffic. 

That is going to be coming onto your website to check out all of the great content that you're going to be publishing.


Create a website

Create a simple but professional. The main thing to note. Here is that you need to have a website on your own domains such as .com, and good hosting. I personal recommend Bluehost or Namecheap for beginner. They best and cheap for which and also main thing that they are beginner friendly Cpanel

So after you have chosen your niche, go ahead and come up with the name for your website.


Start creating the content on your website

Start creating the content on your website so that you can start getting the traffic from Google. So let's say the first article that you decide to write is article on these keywords, which is a great keyword, which is getting 1300 searches per month, which is great.

And that has got an issue, a difficulty of low, which is also great, means that it should be pretty easy for us to rank for these keywords.

So then you would need to log in to the back end area of your website into the WordPress admin area and make sure that you've got a couple of plug ins installed so that you can follow along with me.

So on the plugins, click at New.

wordpress dashboard

So the first plugin that you should search for is called your SEO. So after you type that into the keyword area here, it will be these plugins. 

yoast seo

So install it and activated.

And the second plugin is called Classic editor.

classic editor

how much traffic does a website need to make money

After that you can go into posts and click and you to start creating a new post. So now what you need to do is you need to create an article that's about 1500 words long that will rank in Google and that will bring you free traffic.

And then you will need to start doing some research on this topic. For example, if you copy and paste that into Google, you will have some of the best results that Google thinks are the highest quality articles here on page one. 

So from here, you will need to do your research and you will need to create your own article here inside your WordPress website that will cover your topic. Do not copy and paste any of the content that's illegal. That's called plagiarism

So instead, what you need to do is you need to create your own unique content, but you can base it on the content that's already published here on page one. 

So, for example, when you open this article and you need to write an introduction into your article, you can get some of the ideas from this article and rewrite them in your own words onto your article on your website.

So you don't need to stress too much about it as long as you can write an article that's high quality

You should have a really good chance of ranking on page one if you are unsure what each of them means

So here is a recap of the criteria for your post

You need to make sure that the keyword that you're trying to rank for in Google is green and it's green.


Difficulty, according to Uber suggests to your article, needs to be about one and a half to 2000 words long.


And don't worry, it might sound scary, but it should take a maximum of one to two hours to actually write this. As you can see, I wrote 60 words in under a minute.


You need to also satisfy all of the criteria that will make sure that your article is super optimized and will have a great chance of ranking on page one of Google.

What do you do next?

OK, so then you need to write 15 articles just like that, satisfying all of these criteria here. You need to put up 15 articles because you need to get accepted into Google adsence program.

When to apply for Google Adsense

After approximately two to three weeks, these 15 articles will get picked up by Google and they will be included in Google search. You have a very good 100 visitors a day or more to your website from Google Search.

Adsense approval trick

At that point in time, you should apply to a Google ad sense. You need to be accepted into that program and Google ad sense generally will look at your websites there, will look at the quality of the content, and they will also look at how much traffic you are getting. 

Google ad sense will not approve you if you only have one article on your website. They are not interested in working with low quality publishers. 

So you need to prove to them that you are somebody who is able to produce amazing high quality content and who is able to attract traffic onto their website through Google search by having this excellent content. 

Once you hit these hundred or so visitors per day, you will need to register a Google ad sense account and click on the sites.

How to submit website to Google Adsense approval

Let's start with your website. So click at a new site and then enter of your website and go through the whole sign-up process. After you have signed up, you will need to wait a few days to get reviewed by Google adsence and hopefully they should have a review website. 

After you've been accepted, you will need to go into ads, overview, find this area where it says let Google Place ads for you and click this button, get code. 

As you can see now, there is this one line of code. That's all you need to insert into your website in order for Google to start displaying ads on your website

So just click this copy code snippet and that will copy the code into your clipboard so that you can insert it into your website

How to display google ads on a website

Google ad sense ads on your website everywhere where it's supposed to be. And just like that there will start automatically displaying the ads on your website in the best possible locations. 

Google Ad Sense has now got this thing where they automatically choose the very best locations on your site to show the ads.

So when you go into the settings of your website on your Google ad sense account, you will be able. A choose for Google to automatically optimize your ads. 

So here you can see auto ads I recommend for you guys to turn it on, optimize your existing ad units, turn that on as well,

because Google will then automatically optimize and make sure that you're earning the highest revenue possible for ad formats are recommend for you to enable everything for ad load. 

I recommend for you to start with half way.

Google will now automatically find the very best places and the combinations of ads to show on your website so that you can make the maximum amount of money possible from Google ad sense

I hope you liked this article.

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